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Austin Lawrence

Roboticist; Mechanical Researcher; Designer; Farmer

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About, in brief

Austin Lawrence is a recent graduate with a Master of Science in Robotics from Northwestern University. His professional motives are to solve problems affecting over 10^9 people, particularly in fields of sustainability, urban congestion, and physical medicine. His work has been featured through the New York Times and NPR via his first ag-tech startup, Future Tech Farm, and he continues to explore new solutions to the industry. In addition to his work in food production, Austin has been involved in myoelectric prosthesis research at Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, durable medical manufacturing for Olympus, as well as automotive manufacturing for Amazon Fresh and UPS. Currently a Robotics Research Engineer at Disney Research Pittsburgh, Austin is also seeking a PhD opportunity in fields of soft machines, artificial intelligence, and controls.

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Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Path Finding, Computer Vision


Embedded PCBs, Mechanical Systems, Sensory Fusion


Rapid Prototyping, Simulation, Intellectual Property

Precision Agriculture

Big Data, Optimization, Industrial Automation

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Project Portfolio


For the moment, I'm only looking for freelance and research inquiries. If you fit the description, please feel free to make an introduction!